Kiddies Rides
  • disney aerial ride

    22ft diameter

    5 planes each seating up to 4 children, up to 12 years of age Each plane is in the shape of a famous cartoon character

  • flying chairoplanes (vintage type device)

    22ft diameter

    Jungle book d├ęcor and suitable for young children

  • cups and saucers

    18ft diameter

    6 cups each seating 4 children

  • new for 2011 circus themed giant funhouse

    72ft long 24ft deep 35ft high

    This is a multiple activity device to suit all ages, 4 decks of fun, including spiral slide. Music can be supplied and queuing system available.

    This is not suitable for people with a disability

  • inflatable devices

    Bouncy dome 30ft diameter

  • inflatable devices

    Slide 30ft diameter

  • convoy

    40ft long 24ft wide

    Track type ride with Jeeps, Trucks and 4x 4s. The children chase each other over a hill in a constant loop

  • runaway train


  • The pirates ride